About. My vision.

My vision with teaching is much the same as how I like to learn myself. With a smile on my face and enjoying the journey. Countless studies have shown how a relaxed and happy brain will improve our memories and abilities to learn. It is this that I use for my underlying philosophy regarding education. I set about to create a person-centred approach focusing on the needs, desires and personality of my students so that together we can achieve whatever is either wanted or needed.


When not teaching, learning flamenco.


I remember whilst learning Spanish a friend once told me that it is curious how at times we are able to express ourselves better in a different language to our own. As time went on I have certainly found this to be the case for me, it seems that developing linguistic skills plays a part as well in developing as a person. Whether it is professional development, help with studies or merely learning for fun I am here to help and make learning English a fun and relaxed experience.



Cordoba, where my language journey started.



Before teaching I worked for years in the outdoor sports industry as a whitewater raft guide and kayaker travelling all over the world to carry out the mission of exploring the rivers of the world. As the years went on and the injuries became more and more frequent I knew that it was time for a change. I had always played music as a hobby but feeling the need to continue to learn I embarked on one of the most interesting and possibly idiotic journeys of my life, to learn Flamenco guitar. At first, I started in London with an amazing teacher by the name of Ramon Ruiz who continues to live and teach there to this day. It was his fresh approach to teaching which really inspired me to explore different educational techniques and it was Ramon who drilled home the point that we are all just people and thus are capable of doing whatever we put our mind to.


18 years old exploring the Zambezi river.


After studying a while in London where I was based at the time I knew that it was a necessary next step to make the move to Andalucia and learn in the heart of Flamenco world. It was at this point that I started to learn Spanish and though approaching the language through an analytical yet cheerful point of view I was able to learn quickly and effectively. I began to think how thankful I was for all the amazing people that took the time and effort to help develop me into what I see as a better person and as a result of this decision to dedicate my time trying to give to others what had been given to me.


A rare opportunity to get some pictures of Alhambra in snow here in Andalucia.



After helping friends casually to learn English on the back streets of Cordoba, many of which had no prior knowledge of the language, I decided it was time to make it into a career. I still live in Andalucia where my life exists of teaching amazing people-and I really mean it, every one of my students means a lot to me, continuing my study of flamenco and taking photos of what I consider to be one of the most beautiful parts of the world.